Why do cowards play an active part in NATO?


When aB1 bomber of NATO landed at the SSR base, bathory waved SSR flag on a bomber and played a Russian national anthem. When we are like this, we welcome them with some jokes. However, their answer to us is often insulting.

True Russian people visited Olds the other day. They asked us about a house rule in Old using an interpreter. We taught them it, but the attack to them of NATO did not have a pardon. There are some cowards in NATO faction. SSR members grasp their name.

Snapshot_305Their tricks seem to be as follows.

  • Soon after we saw off them of vice off, they turn on vice and attack us.
  • When they are disadvantageous, they do vice off in the battle with us on the way.
  • After they attack us, and having given us some damage, they run away to the safety zone immediately.
  • Even if we do a fair attack, some them say violent language to us.
  • They always attack us with the weapon which is more powerful than our weapon.
  • They use the plural tanks to kill our one foot soldier.
  • They depend on LAV and A-10 excessively. They are weapons powerful excessively.

Of course they are only some NATO. Some admin or mod warned them. However, they seem to do not change their behavior. Particularly, in absence of admin or mod, they do an unfair fight boldly.

Why are the parties like them rampant in NATO? I think that absence of their leader. Nobody don’t teach about the rule to them. ULF does a fairer fight in comparison with cruelty of NATO. The acceptance of an unfair fight is one of the causes to let people leave from olds. SSR is multinational force, but we unite than NATO. I moved from ULF to SSR. However, I feel the need to share the information of the coward of NATO between ULF.

Leaders of at least SSR and ULF function normally.

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