In year-end Japan

A Japanese diplomacy commentator,Yukio Okamoto grieved on a certain Japanese newspaper about the Japanese present conditions. He was a former diplomat,the director,First Norh America Division of  North American Affairs Bureau of Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He made an effort for solution to issue of US base in Okinawa as a Special Advisor to the Prime Minister later. He is a senior fellow now in MIT.

He said that a guidepost of democracy and economic development and the security is lost all over the world. He continues it.

“The currency crisis of Europe is standing  in the edge of a precipice. Arab Spring brought Arab people confusion than democratization.

A nuclear armament of Iran becomes realistic,In Afghanistan, confusion continues and The Middle East is put at risk of the explosion again.

North Korea will continue carrying out a nuclear experiment with a missile until they have ability for nuclear attack to the U.S. mainland. A Chinese marine strategy enters for the second stage and Senkaku Islands will be located in the middle of gate ways from China to the Pacific. The offensive to Senkaku of China will get into full swing. The Improvement of Japan‐Korea relationship will be possible,but to that end, the correspondence to a long-term historical issue of Japan is necessary.

The President of Russia,Vladimir Putin was going to negotiate Kuril Islands dispute with Japan. However, the then incompetent Japanese Democratic Party government ignored it. The issue of US base in Okinawa does not have solution at all. The Democratic Party political power disturbed the solution to the problem and left.

Japan was ever a standard-bearer of the free trade. Japan cannot participate in even the Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership Agreement now. It is already a past story that Japan was a trade nation. According to the GDP ratio of the import and export total sum, Japan is the last places in OECD participation 34 countries.

Autosynnoia of Japan is ongoing.

According to The degree of the globalization of each country which German DHL company announces,Japan is inferior to Vietnam and Saudi Arabia.

 At the time of Masaaki Shirakawa’s the assumption of office of the Governor of the Bank of Japan,the yen rate that was 103 yen to the dollar advanced to 75 yen in do-nothingness, and the Japanese company lost competitiveness. The most of the present Japanese industrial heavy load are the man-made disasters that the government brought. For these three years, the Democratic Party team was going to solve in particular important items by few inexperienced people. And most of the government fell into a malfunction.

In this December, the Democratic Party government was soundly beaten in election and left. It becomes the new Liberal Democratic Party government, and hope is occurring in economy of Japan.

MIT where I work for is a university in line with reality very now. “The nationality” does not have a meaning here. Half of students of MIT are foreigners. Talented people of the world gather as an individual. It is common sense that wisdom and competitiveness come out from the conflict of a variety of education and culture and sense of values and thoughts in here. The world course is already clear.

When Japan does not turn its back on the course.”

When Japanese youths are too introverted, it is criticized by elders. Elders grieve. They say that youths with will to globalization decreased. Particularly, the number of the people of studying abroad to U.S.A. is reduced to half for a peak in around 2000. However, they do not consider rapid aging and declining birthrate in Japan. In other words the number of youth in itself decreases very much.

Because Japanese economic conditions do not improve for the better, youths cannot afford to take out expenses such as the studying abroad. Most of the study abroad is not evaluated in a Japanese rigid employment system. Rather old Japanese people should switch an idea.

The biggest good event in Japan of this year is leaving of The left/the Democratic Party government.


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