Like the white wolf

On the afternoon of Sunday in the Japan time, I(sizuka Lisa;the avatar name for my battles) continued fighting against NATO with Dora. I often fight recently with Dora of the Belgian woman. She excels in ground combat, and the aerial dogfight is quite good skill.

Two we had to be opposed to a large number of NATO soldiers at first. Dora can kill enemies more than 10 in one sortie. However, the enemy aimed at me who was poor at a ground war, and I was killed many times. Probably soldiers of NATO seem to be experienced people of the battle game any place other than SL. On the other hand, I began a battle game for the first time in SL. I seemed to be an object of the death by torture for NATO. This is because I fought in predominance in an aerial dogfight for NATO.

When the boss of our SSR team.Rendy logged in, as for me, it continued being shot an anti-tank missile on a safety zone by an NATO soldier. He disposed of the soldier for the rule violation in anger. Thereafter, NATO soldiers were killed in sequence by Rendy. In being surprised, he killed 37NATO soldiers.

As a result, SSR was superior to NATO by a wide margin. We got 96wins.

Our boss,Rendy has ability for wonderful battle.  Depressed much NATO soldiers canceled a battle by oneself and, after this battle, left. However, they will attack us at the time of Rendy absence in great numbers again.

I do not like to kill few enemies with a large number of friends. However, they are going to kill me in great numbers. I must be used to a ground war early. I may be opposed to a large number of NATO soldiers alone then.

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