Before I become a sloth


I spend my day off slowly not doing anything. I read a story in my smartphore on my bed all day.

The study also pointed out that “blue light” emitted from smartphones interferes with the body’s levels of melatonin, a chemical that promotes sleep.

But the established theory does not apply to me. Meanwhile, I dropped my smartphone several times. I slept then without hesitating. What a unhealthy my life…

As my excuse, the open air is still cold. And I do not want to spend money because it is just before my payday.

Wholy shit!  I do not have the mind to become a sloth.

If I intend to do something, there is a lot of what I should do.  Cleaning of my rooms, washing clothings and preparation for meal…

I finally stood up.

After I handled housework, I will reopen the construction of my garden in SL.

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2 Responses to Before I become a sloth

  1. Brian says:

    I think staring at anything that shines a light in your eye will prevent you from going to sleep. I like to log out of Second Life an hour before bed and read a book (in a non-digital format) instead 🙂

  2. ujiyasu says:

    I read a book before I slept before.
    It is good to depend on a smartphone in nothing. I will put my favorite book on bedside table, too 🙂

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