Pub Inworld 1

I searched Public houses inworld. Western drinking establishment is referred to a pub or bar in Japan. The shop which often belongs to Sex industry is called pub reluctantly in Japan. Of course there is a lot of traditional pub 🙂

I did TP to the place listed in a search tab. However, there was tiki-bar. I repeated several times TP and arrived at true pub. It was Irish Pub. I was met by a man dressed in the kilt which played a bagpipe.

Romantic, Ballroom, Shopping, Nature, Lilly’s Irish Pub

Public houses in Ireland(Wiki)
” Irish pubs are known for their atmosphere or “craic”
What is “craic”?
Perhaps the meaning is “atmosphere with the friendly feeling” by Celtic.

There is some Irish pubs in Japan. The link of some Irish pubs in Tokyo.
Paddy Foley’s
Beer & Gastro PUB Failte

Yes.The dry stout,Guinness is indispensable to Irish pub. However, I was not able to find it here.

I was able to drink the Irish whiskey. Those brands are Magilligans, Connemara, Clonmel.

Irish photographs are displayed on the wall. The scenery of the photograph of the shore resembles the West Coast of Hokkaido.

My feelings own the friendly feeling in the Northern. It is because I was brought up in an island of the Japanese northernmost.

Oh? I should have come to here in search of pub. The scenery of this SIM is splendid.

I want the willow, too, but hesitate about choice…

The neighbor is homestead named Claddagh. Because scenery looks good, I visit there.

Inhabitants live in here. It is splendid homestead as expected.

I caused homesickness to Hokkaido.

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