The Communist Party spreads in Okinawa

from Sankei News(JP)

Susumu Inamine which objected to transference of Marine Corps Air Station Futenma takes office as a Mayor Nago due form on 8th, “anti-base municipal administration” starts.
“I respect election results as the popular will.”
The Prime Minister Hatoyama said.

The local newspaper develops a claim to the outside the prefecture / the overseas transference of the airport by his remark.
“The extreme left” of the new municipal administration is felt uneasy about.

The anti-U.S.A. political party which supported Inamine in this election said to Okinawan.
“Even if there is not a base, support is taken by the government, and the economy is activated.”

The anti-U.S.A. struggle group outside Okinawa increased, too.

“Okinawa is a suitable headquarters for anti-U.S.A. struggle power. It symbolizes it that there are many outsiders in the group.”
The person concerned with information that did a watch of the issue of US base analyzed it.

Left wing power steals up Japanese security.

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