Jeogeot Driving 6

Route9 running along the southern coast neighborhood of the Jeogeot continent is almost unpaved now. The way of this stone pavement breaks off immediately. Before it, I did TP to here and was at a loss in a large quantity of messages which spam script appealed for.

The off-road is easy to run more than the paved road.

Because there is little load of SIM, the deserted land may be convenient for driving. I like this scenery rather than look at the building of a black club.

The Japanese opens a shop in the unexpected place.

I found the forest. The forest is rare in this continent.

(A) Eden’s Backlot. The river flowing forward is sold in a certain shop, but is expensive. The effect is big as much as it is a high price.

I want to refer to this flowers planted together.

The atmosphere of the grove is very wonderful, too.

And I drive the uninhabited wasteland again.

I have a pain in buttocks.

(B) WLG Ungnyo Green Space. I am attracted by English garden.

The garden where the natural topography was utilized.

I learned two wonderful gardens this time.

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