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Rör vid min själ

När skymning sjunger i de vilda skuggor sin vaggsång tyst för himlens röda sky När natten svävar bort på fågelvingar över de trolska skär då dagen gryr Rör vid min själ mitt fruna hjärta ropar av längtan till en lust … Continue reading

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Loitering of weird animals

The huge mouse that the length amounted to approximately 40 centimeters except a tail in a kitchen of a Swedish house was captured last month, and the whole family was frozen hard. Because the pet cat of the house have begun to … Continue reading

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Så ser den ryska truppnärvaron ut : Such is the presence of Russian troops out

from The Russian military of 40,000 soldiers unfolding near Russia and an Ukrainian border. The contents same as this article are reported in Japan. Because Ukraine and Russian both sides are near, Sweden has a sense of oppression toward … Continue reading

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The country which enjoys a healthy meal?

An international confederation,Oxfam announced the latest world ranking about “a healthy meal” on 14th. The Netherlands is No. 1 in the world for having the most plentiful, nutritious, healthy and affordable diet. Oxfam made the meal situation of each country an … Continue reading

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Uniform of Swedish Armed Forces 5 : air battle uniform (flygstridsuniform)

The badges attached to air battle uniform is simplified. And they are attached on the left arm. The air battle uniform adopted by the Swedish air force is considerably different from that of U.S. air force. I think that it resembles that … Continue reading

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