Loitering of weird animals


The huge mouse that the length amounted to approximately 40 centimeters except a tail in a kitchen of a Swedish house was captured last month, and the whole family was frozen hard.

Because the pet cat of the house have begun to be afraid of entering the kitchen, the housewife of the house thought questioningly.

A few days later, she watched a huge mouse under the sink and was astonished. The impudent mouse has begun to wander around around a dining table.

After all, the huge mouse was got rid of by a professional vendor. And the cat continued being frightened until one week.

I totally feel sick…


But there is no limit to excellence.

It was found that a crocodile measuring approximately 1.2 meters in length wandered around in a shopping mall of California.

A crocodile ?  In a shopping mall ?

The mouth of the crocodile seemed to be surrounded by tape. When somebody cut the tape, a tragedy might happen.

The unimaginable thing happens recently.


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