When Obama threw away Ukraine, he loses trust from the ally


The U.S. mass media reported that the Russian militaries where were higher than 20,000 people in total gathered along the border with the eastern part of Ukraine. The New York Times online edition reported that the Obama Administration assumes that Russia is less likely to invade immediately to Ukraine, however, it is difficult to prevent them if Russia decides it once.

A U.S.military authority said to NBC  that the Russian military is a heavy-armed best corps. The Ukrainian military digs the trench of the quickie along the border. However, it may not prevent the invasion of the Russian military.

Asia and Israel, the Near and Middle East of the American friendly nations in watch behavior of Obama closely now. Friendly nations will give him up if he permits invasion to east Ukraine of the Russian military.

The United States became the Obama government and changed in quality. He is basically negative against diplomacy.


If the Obama Administration reduces participation in global community, the world becomes chaos.

Because the U.S.s friendly nations think that they can expect no support from Obama. Japan,The Philippines,Vietnam and Taiwan watch behavior of Obama closely now.

Is Obama powerless for behavior of China?

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