NATO and the United States of America which sink


Russia intervened in the Crimea of south Ukraine militarily, but NATO only criticizes Russia.

Ukraine received support of the military modernization from NATO after the late 1990s. And Ukraine dispatches a military unit to ISAF in Afghanistan.

If Ukraine is attacked, and local confusion spreads, it is inevitable to have a serious influence on the security situation of Europe.

Even if Ukraine is attacked, military affairs based on the right to collective self-defense do not take action promptly NATO. Ukraine is not an NATO member. However, how will Ukrainian pro-Europe citizens think then?

“Europe and America abandoned us”

NATO may examine a military intervention when the Russian military presents a military operation in the eastern part of Ukraine.

However, the United States of America will not intervene militarily. Long-term war-weariness feeling in the United States. And the big reduction of the national defense budget…  President Obama has already abandoned the role of the world police officer.

It relatively enhanced influence of Russia. President Obama retreated in Syria, Iran, a problem in China. As a result, he have doubt from the conventional good friendly nation. Possibly the United States unreliable…

Where did the strong United States go?

Democracy-like United States and Ukrainian citizens adoring West Europe are frightened by a menace of Russia now.

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