Russia creeps to Ukraine


What was worried about is becoming the reality. The autonomous government facilities and  the airport are under control of an armed military unit at The Autonomous Republic of Crimea. There is the U.S. news that the United States confirmed the movement of the Russian military in Ukraine. Russian President Putin demanded an agreement of the military dispatch to Ukraine for the Russian Upper House and was approved.

By reasonable assumption, If Russia began a military campaign in Crimea, it may cause the division or regional conflict in Ukraine. And it is terribly dangerous.

The global community must begin persuasion and pressure on Putin Administration to withdraw a military unit as soon as possible. The problem withdraws a military unit and is a method to blockade intervention of Russia.


Ukraine can’t hold a candle to Russia with the armaments. The United States and EU do not have the choice of a military countermeasure. If, under such situation, the present conditions are immobilized without an invasion corps being removed from Crimea, a chain reaction of the separation spreads through the eastern part of Ukraine.

The world cannot finish doing a settlement of Ottoman Turkish Empire collapse, Austria-Hungary empire collapse and the Soviet Union collapse. Ukraine, Balkan, Caucasus, the Near and Middle East, the Central Asia are called “Arc of Instability”.

It is desirable for these countries to maintain independence. However, economic cultural dependence for Russia is high in them.

All people concerned respect the unity of rule of law and the territory and want they to show maximum self-control.



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