The worst minimum wages developed country in the world


An article titled Minimum Wage Woes was placed in Newsweek. The article insists that minimum wages of the United States of America are considerably lower than other developed nations

U.S. President Obama seemed to promise the raise in salary for approximately 500,000 people.  President Obama announce that he raises the minimum wages of the contract staff of the federal government to 10.10 dollars of the approximately 40% increase from current hourly wage 7.25 dollars. Furthermore, he requests the assembly to raise the U.S. minimum wages to the same level.

It sounds like a very tolerant policy. However, it has the opinion that effective time was too late.

According to the minimum wages ranking of the OECD, The United States is the eleventh place now. Even if an hourly wage was raised to 10.10 dollars, it is the eighth place. And it is still less than the average of higher ten countries. The current first place continues with hourly wage 15.75 dollars of Australia, following Luxembourg (14.21 dollars), the French (12.55 dollars) Irish (12.03 dollars) Belgian (11.92 dollars) Netherlands (11.38 dollars), New Zealand (10.22 dollars).

Against will of President Obama, The Republican Party does not intend to accept a wage increase. The workers who work in lower than minimum wages in private enterprises are more than 3 million people. Most of them are youths, women and people who work in the service industry including restaurants.

It is only yearly income 14,500 dollars even if they worked in full-time for hourly wage 7.25 dollars. The minimum wages are indexes to measure the richness of the country. The United States is said to run through the world top in various meanings. However, the United States is the worst  minimum wages superpowers…


Hold on!

The worst minimum wages developed country in the world is Japan. OECD urged to Japan that because the Japanese minimum wages is lower than the minimum survival standard and welfare standard, it should be improved on May 17, 2013.


The Japanese minimum wages are lower than the United States. The cost of living in Japan is higher than the United States. How can the poor people live on this?

Regular Employment and contractual employment have big discrimination in Japan. The increase in contractual employment makes much working poor. And the increase in them lets the yield of taxes slow down and does not activate economy. Furthermore, the tax increase of the consumption tax begins in April of this year. The argument about reduced tax rate on daily necessities does not deepen at the diet.

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