My Saturday


The snowfall changed to the rain before long. However, the snow piled up does not melt easily so far. I went to shopping a while ago to a neighboring convenience store. However, the snowfall on the sidewalk is left, all passersby walked the roadway. Traffic of walkers are easy only the wheel track of the tire of the cars. Such a road is very dangerous. I should not go out on such a day.


I was devoted to SL afterwards. The Japanese building which I put in Rera before used 60 or more prims of only on a roof. Because, as for it, the structure of the roof was complicated. The roof is called hip-and-gable roof and is a roof for a temple and rich people. I changed it to the general roof. The structure is plain, and it does not use prims.

This was originally a stable. I convert this into a tea-ceremony room. The rusticity of building in itself rather meets Japanese tea ceremony. The essence is my understanding degree in the Japanese culture.



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