A heavy snow again

Like the last weekend, it is a heavy snow this weekend in Japan. The snow continues to fall from the morning of Friday and does not stop now on the morning of Saturday either. Some weather forecasts expected that snow changed to rain at first. However, those weather forecasts guess wrong. The wind is strengthened more, and the snowstorm blows the wall of my house intensely.

I came home early yesterday. The transportation system around Tokyo is weak for snowfall. A train is more likely to stop by a snowfall. Around Tokyo where the winter season hardly has the snowfall does not have steps of the snow removing. On the evening of yesterday, I walked the sidewalk which it became hard to completely walk and went from the workplace to the nearest station. Fortunately the train which I got on got off with only the delay of dozens of minutes.

When I arrived at my house, I was completely chilled to my bone. The heater of my room does not become warm immediately.

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Why did central heating system not spread in Japan? They spread in at least Hokkaido. Against summer heat and high humidity measures were given priority to in the Japanese house. It is required in Europe and America to be built by insulation-related high materials to raise heating efficiency. However, the house having high insulation effect shuts in moisture in a house in Japan. An air-conditioner with the function of both heating and cooling did a Japanese house comfortably drastically after all.

However, the air-conditioner does not heat in corridors so that Jana says. Probably the house where an air-conditioner was installed in in all rooms will be rare. The monthly electric bill becomes very large when I operated an air-conditioner in all rooms. The electric bill of Japan is double large amount of U.S.

And the method becoming warm most quickly is bathing 😀

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