Saturday of heavy snow

Japan is visited by heavy snow fall from last night. When I get up this morning and outside is seen, in addition, it is snowing and continues. As for snow coverage, a maximum of 40 cm is expected from 15 cm. It is reported around Tokyo that it is the heavy snow for the first time in 16 years, and we are anxious about paralysis of a transportation system.

Since it is fortunately a weekend today, it interferes with neither commuting nor attending school. The shortage of snow is told  in The 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi. If possible, I would like to divide and give the snow of Tokyo to Sochi.(t is the best selection to relax in a warm house such at the time. However,to an unfortunate thing, an electric light of my living room is out of condition, and I have to go to an electric light 😦

It is interrupted for a while…

I went out in snowstorm and have bought electric lights. Adults were disgusted and were walking. However, children were pleased with heavy snow. They made the snowman and were having the snowball fight.


I exchanged the electric light of my living room. My room became so bright 🙂 Now, how do I spend my time? The work which makes my sim,Rera more beautiful is not bad. There is plenty of time anyway 😀


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