At the night of the blizzard

The heavy snow to continue to fall around Tokyo has begun to be accompanied by a storm before long. It depends on the influence of the low pressure which advances northeast while developing rapidly on south seas of Japan. The blizzard warning is already announced,Tand the speakers of the disaster prevention radio broadcasting requests it to refrain from going out in each place. In the case of Japan, the definition of the warning is different from the United States in fact. In the case of the United States,  severe weather terminology is defined by the United States National Weather Service.

If we refer to Winter storms of Wiki,a blizzard Warning is announced by the following conditions.

Sustained winds or frequent gusts of 35 mph (56 km/h) or greater, considerable falling, and/or blowing snow reducing visibility frequently to 1/4 mile (0.4 km) or less for a period of three hours or more. There are no temperature criteria in the definition of a blizzard but freezing temperatures and 35 mph (56 km/h) winds will create sub-zero (below -18°C) wind chills.

In the case of Japan, the condition is sustained winds or frequent gusts of 20 km/h or greater, considerable falling.

In the case of Tokyo where there is rarely the snowfall, such a blizzard is a nightmare. I was born in the north of Japan and was brought up. And I succeed to the heredity of North Europe people from my mother. I do not originally feel difficulty in winter.

However, the confusion around Tokyo that is not used to a blizzard is wretched. Because there are not plan of the snow removing,  roads are blocked by snow piled up in a moment. The sidewalk becomes uncertain by a snowfall. As a result, walkers begin to walk the road where a tire sign remains. Actually, it is a very dangerous act. The blizzard extremely shortens a field of vision. When a walker fails snow and fell down, it is more difficult that a driver finds it and stops than fine weather. The scary thing is that drivers do not have even knowledge to attach chains to their tires.

Oh,I want the spring arrival.


All domestic airlines flights from Tokyo to the various parts of Japan seemed to be canceled. The people who want to come back to one’s house must stay at Tokyo tonight. I pray for that they can return to their house tomorrow. Because my home is the best for anyone 🙂


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