My bathroom


Japanese bathing culture is among Wiki entitled bathing specially. Some things whose many Japanese are very bath lovers have a reason.

In Shintoism of Japan,to washing and purifying its own body in ice water, a waterfall, a river, or the sea was important from ancient times.The act is called Misogi(purification ceremony) in Japanese. The contents of explanation of Misogi of English Wiki are completely mistakes. The explanation is only explanation of special practice of a sect with Shintoism. Original Misogi is a concept similar to Ablution in Christianity.

Since there were many volcanoes among Japan, the hot spring also existed in every place. People can be easily soaked in hot water. And Japanese people got to know from ancient times about the effect of the hot spring.

I made a bathtub made of  rocks. I liken the bath with a hot spring 😀

And the heat and high humidity of summer force it many perspiration. People take a bath every day, in order to maintain a clean state.

LIXIL and TOTO are main Japanese bath module makers. Today, most homes in Japan have a bathroom. However, Japanese people like public bathhouses. Why?

In the city area, sentō(public bath) played the important role.  The large bath gives a feeling of release to those who take a bath. Sentō also has a function as a place of communication of an area. Another type of Japanese public bath is onsen, which uses hot water from a natural hot spring. Outdoor onsen is very popular especially.


Another bathtub is a whirlpool tub. Jacuzzi is known most in the world. In fact, this bathtub is freebie lol. However, since the script is exhibited, I can convert a bathtub freely. For example, when various bath salt was put in the bathtub,it reappears by changing the color of water.


Only a shower is placed at  the bathing station now. I will add here in the future. stools, faucets, wooden buckets, and toiletries such as soap and shampoo. Hot water is poured in the floor. I got the hint for it from the footbath.


I made the sauna at the very back of my bathing area. I become clean completely and can get warm. 😀


Oops! When I having tried to drink beer, my body towel came off.

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