Candid advice to Ezra Feivel Vogel’s South Korea

A Professor of the Social Sciences Emeritus at Harvard University,Ezra Vogel visited the Seoul the other day at the time of his writing,the Biography of Deng Xiaoping Korean version publication.

He gave an interview as PR of a publishing company. Most of the contents was China-related. However,because he is known as a pro-Japanese,South Korean journalists questioned him about bad Japan-China relations and Japan-Korea relations.

Ezra Vogel said.

“South Korea and China are making a mistake in and interpreting the situation of Japan about Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s visit to Yasukuni Shrine. The U.S. showed the reaction of having been disappointed at his visit to Yasukuni Shrine. The U.S. is more disappointed at the leader of South Korea or China having refused the summit meeting for reasons of it. Japan is not the country which desires growing military power which is considered in South Korea or China. Also in order to solve such misunderstanding, heads should meet.

Since South Korea was ruled by Japan, it has the desire for revenge, and it asks repetition Japan for an apology. However, therefore, Japan become more nearly right-wing. Japan is defensive, seeing the attitude of South Korea or China. Japan cannot but strengthen a military preparation to China.”

In the Korean Peninsula which was a part of great Japan empire to World War II,the South Korean government policy by Japan is used, and anti-Japanese education is carried out for maintain the centripetal force, political power power, national power, etc. of a state and a politician from the disturbance by north-south division of the Korean Peninsula. In South Korea in recent years, there are many generations who do not get to know about that time well by change of generation, such as a situation, and a system, etc. of prewar days. Anti-Japanese education forms their character as it is. Such people put government pressure and have had big influence on the anti-Japanese policy.

The frightful hatred to a South Korean Japanese is just the result of anti-Japanese education. At a South Korean national authorized textbook, the great portion of description is occupied by after Japanese Annexation of Korea. People who advanced annexation in South Korea about the time of annexation of Korea were disregarded. It was described were South Korea to be annexed by pressure of Japan.

About Japan-South Korea history, there are South Korean historians’ arbitrary fabrication and distortion. Moreover, in Great Hanshin earthquake and Aftermath of the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami many South Koreans were glad as the Heaven’s Vengeance to Japan. South Korea is in the tendency with which a country is mentioned whenever Japan is hit by a misfortune and the natural disaster, and it is pleased. Deep-rootedness and seriousness of a social pathological phenomenon in South Korea which are called an anti-Japan has reached the very dangerous level.

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