My rooms


I arranged the furnitures of my house at last. Furnitures was newly exchanged most. The appearance and functionality of new furniture are perfect. It is never the distinguished services of Limden. All the goods in SL are manufactured by users. We accept mutual value mutually and trade in it. The house in my SL has four rooms. They are a kitchen and dining, a bedroom, a study room, and a living room.


For us the women,SL is  like children playing house. However, it has the visual solicitation effect. We should be able to add there the useful information which is not mere play.


Such width is not required for my bedroom…

However, in order to turn a camera in a house in SL, a certain amount of width is required.


And this is my study room. I should not read a book like this?

Ahem! I am a book reader. 😀

This room is my favorite.


And my living room .

Oh,bathroom? It is special. I make my bathroom uniquely. Already wait for a while 😀


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