A dream of weekend


To an unexpected thing , I was almost sleeping the daytime on Saturday. Possibly, I may got stressed from my new work. Time will tell.

Although I went to sleep in the morning and the afternoon, the dream was seen to the each.

As for the first dream, SL was mixed with the real world. ummmm… The real world in a dream is not right. Should I put in another way?

I had stood chatting with two  men friends and the one woman’s friend by the side of the restaurant in a certain shopping mall. She pointed out then the tableware put in order by the display shelf of the restaurant. She said that they were manufactured by her elder brother. I was impressed by her elder brother.

Then, she beckoned to a waiter of the restaurant and began to sell her elder brother’s new tableware. He was not a waiter but a manager.


We decided to have a meal at the restaurant. Er….the landmark of the restaurant…

When I looked at the inside of a restaurant, I noticed the Linden plants used for foliage plants. Linden plants are by no means bad. However, the plant which is more different for business should be planted.

My dream had changed to SL at the time.


That must have been a restaurant of the Italian cuisine. However, the appetizer offered there was Japanese-style food’s it.

When I woke up, I was amazed at SL increase in my dream.

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