Avaricious is lost all

China praises itself that we are one of the three strongest military power in the world and the second economic big power in the world. Japan and the countries in Southeast Asia are threatened every day by China.

However, they are still dissatisfied. There are too few countries at which Chinese people can stay without a visa. It seems that it damages many Chinese’s pride.

Refer to The Henley & Partners’s International Visa Restrictions. Finland, Sweden and Britain are the tops 3. And the people with a Japanese passport can go without visa to travel to 140 nations in the world. However, China is the 82nd place.

The chief of the Department of Consular Affairs in Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People’s Republic of China saoid that Some countries look at Chinese people “through colored glasses.” and And they do not welcome us. However, the criticism to him was added one after another in the Chinese network that The cause of the distrust which a democratic country bears against Chinese people is a political system (China).

the Foreign Minister of the People’s Republic of China,Wang Yi said that he want to make worth of the China passport into the world highest. It seems that therefore, China does not choose a means.

However, the trust between states is realized by neither a threat nor buying over. Swedes got trust globally through long years. Japanese people are also the same. the mere selfish heart — no mental opinions are obtained.

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