Norrbottens flygflottilj (Norrbotten Wing)


I visited Airport SNO yesterday and wanted to enjoy a flight again. I have Saab JAS 39 Gripen (griffin) jet  fighter in SL. I thought that I want to make my flight suit in Swedish air force specifications. So I supposed that I was a pilot of a certain air wing. And I chose Norrbotten Wing.

Norrbotten Wing (F 21 Luleå or F 21) is a Swedish air wing within the Swedish Armed Forces( Försvarsmakten). The wing is based in Lulea, Norrbotten  in northern Sweden.

The air wing is called the same way as other units of the Defence Forces with a letter and one number. The wing named “F”( flygflottilj) and a number, such as F 21, which then was the 21st wing.

An air wing usually consists of among other flying units, called Divisions, and aviation maintenance companies, battle management and air surveillance platoons, security platoons and close protection platoons but can also just school without air operations.

An air wing usually have between two and four divisions each containing 8 to 12 aircraft plus some reserves.  Division is equivalent to squadron of other countries.

Flygvapnet(The Swedish Air Force) has three wings of fighters. They are Norrbotten Wing, Blekinge Wing (F 17 Kallinge) and Skaraborg Wing (F 7 Såtenäs). F 7 is the main center for the entire Gripen system, and all training of pilots is carried out here.


Swedish fighters does not seem to have tail markings of air wing. Therefore, the fighter of the Swedish air force has a quiet impression. I sewed the 2nd  squadron of F21 decare on the right arm of my flight suit.

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