Second Norway : Second Norway


I visited Second Norway after an interval of two years. Meanwhile, Second Norway Sims was connected to the USS. Therefore, Second Norway might be largely remodeled for yachts. Besides, Second Norway Sims seemed to increase.


25Sims surrounded by the red frame is Second Norway. I teleported to most southwest sim, Second Norway.


The center of this Sim, a canal crosses to the east and west. And a bridge is built on a canal. I teleported to the canal southwest bank.


There are a photogallery,Kvalitetsmøbler(Quality Furniture) shop and Hjem og Hage(Home and Garden)shop. The shop sign is Norwegian, but of course English is spoken without a problem.


Luxurious boats moored at the waterfront.


The building next to the windmills is the information center of Second Norway.


Each Sim of Second Norway is displayed by the wall. Other information seems to be posted here, too.


Information of the land where leased land is possible is displayed on a map.


The back building is rådhuset(the Town Hall).


This is drawbridge. I go to the opposite bank across the bridge. Those wooden buildings are seen well in Norwegian ports.


“Hotel Bryggen”. Bryggen (The Pier/Wharf)  is a series of commercial buildings in Bergen, a city in Hordaland,Norway. It is registered with a world heritage.


Oh,Little Hopper? What kind of shop is it? And scaffold under construction 😀


There is a big water tank in a shop, and fish swim in that.


They were salmons. jumping salmon/hopping salmon,Isee. If they are fishing possibility, it is better. I catch them and will make smoked salmon.

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