When I watched upper video clip, I was interested in a quartet called Calaisa. The game show,Så ska det låta is broadcasted by  the Swedish national public TV broadcaster,SVT(Sveriges Television AB).

I had already known Timoteij, but knew Calaisa for the first time.

Some music that I liked in upper video clip were sung.

Fleetwood Mac – Go Your Own Way

Lillasyster – Umbrella

Eh? Rihanna? I like “umbrella” by Lillasyster.

Jan Johansen – Sista Andetaget

Calaisa is a quartet from Malmö. Therefore, there was the scene where an emcee made fun of their scania dialect(skånska). I like skånska.

Anna Törnquist is sit on the most left seat of the Calaisa side. And her sister,Malin sits to the right most. I liked cheer of Anna 😀



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