For the Philippines

Typhoon Haiyan caused unprecedented damage to the Philippines. President of the Philippines,Benigno Aquino III answered the number of victims 2,000 people – 2,500 people on the occasion of coverage of CNN. Unfortunately the damage situation will increase with progress of the time. The Philippines supported Japan at the time of the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami. And the Philippines is the Japanese most important friendly nations at Southeast Asia with Taiwan, Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand. Japan must repay the Philippines’s kindness quickly.

On November 10, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe sends an expression of sympathy message to Benigno President Aquino and dispatched a investigation team to the disaster spot. A medical team of  Japan Disaster Relief team was dispatched in the field on 11th. Japanese Government decides an urgent grant aid of 10 million dollars (approximately 1 billion yen) on November 12. Ministry of Defense started preparations for international bailout activity by the military unit of the Self-Defense Forces by a request of the Philippine government.

JMSDF prepares for the dispatch of JDS Ōsumi (LST-4001), JDS Ise (DDH-182) and Fast Combat Support Ship,Towada(AOE-422).

JASDF decided a policy to dispatch one KC-767,5 C-130Hs, 4 CH-47s and one U-4(Gulfstream IV).

JGSDF  dispatches 35 officials and 3 UH-1s.

Japan Self-Defense Forces dispatched to the Philippines are going to be performed reconstitution of by two military units. JSDF operation center in Philippines s managed directly by the Japanese Minister of Defense. Japan disaster relief  unification tusk unit is commanded by Commander in Chief of the Self Defense Fleet. The Self-Defense Forces dispatched to the Philippines are expected to be beyond 1000.  Particularly, a military unit of the Ground Self-Defense Force dispatched to Philippines is the local military unit where they suffered from by the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs decided to carry out an urgent grant aid of 20 million dollars as additional support on 15th. The support total sum to the Japanese Philippines is expected to reach approximately 52,100,000 dollars (approximately 5,210 million yen).

On the other hand, the dispatch of the United States Armed Forces was quick. Approximately 90 Okinawa stationing Marine Corps is transported by air on 10th to Tacloban Airport. They watch the damage situation of Tacloban and they called for dispatch to the Philippines of C-130s/MV22s immediately.

Task force including carrier George Washington calling at a port of Hong Kong arrived at the Philippines on 14th and started a rescue operation Damayan(It means aspect each other in Tagalog). The United States intends to carry out the relief of the scale same as the rescue operation in the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami.

The implication on the political / security side that the action of the United States Armed Forces includes is not small. Both Japan and the Philippines are added a groundless false charge to each in the East China Sea and the South China Sea by the neighboring large country,China. President Aquino declared the Philippine strategic partner with United States and Japan. Secretary of Foreign Affairs of the Philippines,Albert del Rosario said that we try to think about the defense pact conclusion with Japan positively if a Japanese constitution is revised.

An American political expert,Michael Green said.

“Other Asian countries do not accept Chinese claim that Japan becomes the military threat to the Asian whole. The Southeast Asian countries rather expect the armaments reinforcement of Japan. It is from a wish to keep the balance to expansion of armaments of China. The Philippines which suffered biggest damage by a military campaign of Japan in World War II wants arms buildup of Japan. We should pay attention to the fact.”

The United States concludes a military alliance with Japan and Philippines. Japan and the relations of Philippines are strengthened necessarily.

The New York Times mentioned fund cooperation to the Philippines of each country and criticized the presentation of 100,000 dollars of China if stingy.

China is opposed to the Philippines in The South China Sea. China which called herself “peaceful rise” changed to “dangerous rise”.

There are predominantly many opinions in China to insist that we should not help the Philippines. China is disliked still more by the neighboring countries.



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