I must charge

Typhoon 26 to be considered to be strong power of ” once a decade” approaches the metropolitan area on tomorrow morning. It is eight years since the typhoon hitting a metropolitan area directly last since August, 2005, Typhoon 26 hits the commuter rush hour directly in the worst thing.

Many schools will be closure of a school tomorrow. Many companies canceled overtime work and a night duty, too. There will be many companies to take a rest tomorrow.

The sea surface water temperature on south seas is high with 26-27 degrees, and the reason why typhoon 26 keeps strong power is that rising steam sends energy. Because it just accelerates on prevailing westerlies, it approach Japan islands before declining.

The core atmospheric pressure of the typhoon is 955 hectopascal. The maximum wind velocity of the neighborhood of center is 35 meters per second. The maximum instantaneous wind speed is 50 meters/m. It is the wind velocity of the risk that a freight truck overturns.

But my boss forces attendance in the morning. My boss does not consider the security of the subordinate at all.

I must jump out in a storm after 4-hour sleep 😦

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