The present conditions of Imperial SIM


I came to my Imperial Station in Heterocera Atoll after a long time. Because I did nothing but a battle in Olds day in and day out, Imperial Station remains under construction.


SLRR Main Line extends to the north and south in the west of the station. And the west is a hill more. This hill was vacant land for a long time once. In there, some personal houses are built on the small lands which were sectioned now.


Route1 extends to the north and south in the east side of the station. The road was not Route1 before. There was the starting point of Route1 in north SIM.

And the bridge of the railroad is seen to the east more. It is not a railroad by LL.


There was a Japanese house on the south neighboring land of the station before. Now, other person is an owner of the land, and a jeep and a mobile home are put in a forest. It is the scenery which is favorable for me. Because I love forests.


The house among forests is built to the north of the station. Forests of the neighborhood land increased than before. I reduce the scale of the station for the environment of the neighborhood and may increase forests.

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