Friends irreplaceable for Japan,American soldiers


from Sankei Shimbun MSgt Richard Jones,TSgt Andrew Kelly,Capt.Gavin Johnson,Capt.Brandon Rice,SSgt Christopher Wilson

U.S. air force soldiers who sent relief supplies to the victim with the rescue operation,”Operation Tomodachi” that the U.S. Forces in Japan presented in 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami finish the term of office and leave Japan in sequence. There are four Operation Tomodachi experience soldiers now in the 33d Rescue Squadron at Kadena Air Base. Two soldiers are going to leave Japan by the end of this year. Soldiers who left Japan were pleased with Tokyo Olympic Games holding in 2020. And they said that they wanted to come back to Japan again seven years later.

A pilot of HH-60 Pave Hawk,Capt.Brandon Rice said,”I was taught mind of the cooperation by a Japanese at a stricken area. I cannot forget the impression”.

TSgt Andrew Kelly said,”I was surprised that Japan recovered itself until the Olympics were held while facing such great disaster”.

MSgt Richard Jones said,”It is a dream to come back to Japan with a family to watch a game of the soccer of the Tokyo Olympic Games seven years later”.

HH-60 Pave Hawk of the 33d Rescue Squadron crashed in August, and a pilot died. The heartless Japanese left wing newspaper blamed that the U.S. forces were dangerous. However, it is not the civic real intention in Japan. Japanese citizens sent an email to express the grief to the pilot to the United States Armed Forces. “You are prides of Japan”.

The United States is a close friend in the Japanese best understanding people.

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