What is a thing in the backs of the anti-Japan demonstration in China?

引用元: VOR ロシアの声.

The voice of Russia has the Japanese site. The article titled “What is a thing in the backs of the anti-Japan demonstration in China?” is the thoughts about the issue of between Japan and China of the Russian researcher. In a very inconvenient thing, the overseas article is substituted all Japanese in a process translated into Japanese. It becomes difficult for it to identify the proof of the place name and the person’s name. I wanted to take proof who the author of this article was. However, the author of this article is displayed in Japanese with A. カルネーエフ.

As a result of having searched other Japanese sites, he was a vice president of The Institute of Asian and African Studies(IAAS) in the Moscow University. I cannot find his name now in a site of IAAS. How should I spell カルネーエフ by alphabets? The Japanese notation cannot distinguish l and r. Probably the notation of the vowel sound is considerably incorrect, too. I think that А. Корнеев is near the name of a true author. I had to give up that I found the original two hours later 😦

I translate the article that was translated from Russian into Japanese into English.

By aggravation between China and Japan , the books of the Japanese writers disappeared at the Chinese bookstores. “1Q84” of Haruki Murakami who became the bestseller in China was removed. The Chinese bookstore is afraid of a Japanese-supermarket and the state such as the Japanese restaurant which was attacked by demonstrators when large-scale anti-Japan demonstration was held.

Much observation sources do not show surprise to Chinese having anti-Japan sentiment. But anti-Japan sentiment does not disturb popularity of the Japanese music and Japanese literature in China.

The present when the first wave of the surge of the anti-Japan sentiment is settled in China, When Chinese bloggers look from a severe viewpoint, as for them, the action of anti-Japan manifestant pays attention to the point that is not logical. Anti-Japan manifestants attack the Japanese cars which Chinese people own to make Japanese feel unpleasant. Why must Chinese people suffer from protest for the Japanese Government? The cars which they bought by a loan was destroyed. They have lost almost all.

In addition, anti-Japan demonstration does not have the diplomatic logic. The Chinese government hoped that a viewpoint of China was strengthened in a territorial problem with Japan. However, the vandalism of demonstrators only deteriorated an image of China remarkably.

Anti-Japan manifestants let two countries relations be tense remarkably, but this does not contribute to the solution to territorial problem. For the appeal “kick Japanese out of China” by some Chinese with feelings of the nationalism,activity of the right wing power of Japan became active.

It is one to be clear now. China facing at difficult time this year. A series of political scandal in China affected the authority of the government. Many people who included a youth think that the China government cannot be opposed to Japan determinedly. Expansion of the Chinese social imbalance appeared in form called the anti-Japan demonstration.

It is usually thought that China and Russia are countries friendly mutually. Even if China was going to threaten Japan by a joint military exercise with Russia, a Thai newspaper,The Bangkok Times reported that it was no menace in comparison with a scale and ability of the Marine Self Defense Force on August 8.

By the joint exercise of the Chinese navy and the Russian Pacific Fleet ,”the costarring of a bear and the panda” carried out in the Sea of Japan in the beginning of July, China seemed to intend to threaten Japan. Chinese navy formation becomes no menace in comparison with a scale and ability of the Japan Marine Self Defense Force.

The Bangkok Times concluded that the practice was meaningless. Besides, China bore all the expense of the military exercise. And the Russian navy did not seem to have a motivation at all.

The Russian police carried out the large-scale emigrant control, and several hundred Chinese illegal immigrants were already disclosed. The Chinatown which a Chinese emigrant forms is checked according to the local administration law thoroughly. A high official of Russian Ministry of Economic Development said that Chinese emigrants should be familiar with Russian manners and customs. And he said.

“Some Chinese live in the unnecessary environment of Russian. They have too low cultural quality. They kill dogs and eat doves. Their such action becomes the social problem in Russia. We check Chinatown thoroughly except a Chinese restaurant for Russians.”

On July 17 when the largest surprise military exercise  was performed in Eastern Military District of Russian Army,a future scenario of the fear is placed in the site of “the military observation” by Russian “independence newspaper” and becomes the topic. According to the scenario,one day, the People’s Liberation Army invades and attacks in the Russian Far East. And they recapture the inherent territory which they were robbed of by Russian Empire by the 19th century entirely.


This report having been announced during large-scale maneuver in the Eastern Military District means that the Russian military assumes a surprise attack of the People’s Liberation Army. China and Russia concluded a border agreement in 2004, and the two countries border have been defined. However, Russia considers that China has ambition of the territory recovery. The Russian whom China thinks to be a menace increase(3%/1998.31%/2013).

The friend of the Chinese neighborhood may be only South and North Korea.

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