MCE combat system was originally developed as a system which was better than VICE. However, MCE does not have good game balance now. I say many times, it is abnormal strength of AH64 Apache. The development of the MCE weapon is dull. The development of Viecles is limited to AMOK. Some of firearms makers are anxious about the future of MCE. If MCE is not good, many customers don’t buy MCE weapons. If MCE advocated by AMOK is not received by a customer, the firearms makers lose a meaning to make MCE weapon. When abnormal strength of AH64 is not improved, buyers of the Russian weapon have even possibility to leave Olds. It means the loss of the opponent for NATO.

9K338 Igla-S(NATO reporting name SA-24 Grinch) is  a Russian man-portable infrared homing surface-to-air missile. This is the weapon which is reluctant to against AH64. It is a weapon provided as freebie by AMOK. Other weapon makers do not make MCE Man-portable air-defense systems. The owner of this can choose one of the options to wear (Light or Heavy config. Heavy loadout means that the owner can carry 4 missiles. Light loadout means that the owner can carry 1 missile. I wear the heavy config. Because the destructive power of the missile is weak, most of light config is worthless.



The operation is simple. I aim at the aircraft. I hear tone and wait for good tone. When the tone changed, I fire it. After firing, the weapon will require reloading. Reloading is manually triggered by the “reload” command. During this time, I am unable to move. In most cases, I am killed in this stage by Apache. I can shoot only one missile, and Apache is continued attacking me in rocket bombs and a machine gun immediately. Apache is not shot down by one missile. And Apache can massacre foot soldiers easily.

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