The man I hate



When I steered AAV7 of Renovatio, I was attacked by Apaches of ULF. Then my AAV7 moved with Renovatio’s AAV7. There were Whitewolf and several NATO members in the NATO base area. We fought back, but AAV7 which did not have the anticraft equipment was overthrown soon. Because ULF is, so to speak, a guerrilla group, the surprise attack is possible. However, do guerrillas usually have Apache?

The attack of ULF was continued to us obstinately. I changed my viecle from AAV7 to Havoc and flew. However, Apaches of ULF gathered to me in a moment, and I was shot down immediately.  I take off again to see a chance and went to an island of ULF( popular name :  Japan Island). Apache of ULF sensed an island attack by my Havoc and gathered again. However, rocket bombs shooting by my Havoc was earlier. I fired all bullets to the island in a short time. The island was covered by flame and smoke, and the boss of ULF,Robin which was on the ground of the island died. Apache ran after me. I heard the beep sound that ULF Apache performed a lock-on of my Havoc many times. However, I escaped to the base of NATO across a base of SSR and landed safely. At the time of battle against ULF, this is because mostly NATO is friendly forces. When I came back to the SSR base, NATO soldiers were striking Japan Island with SSR soldiers. It goes without saying that I participated in a ground war afterwards.


In the following morning, I went to Olds AFB again. A large number of members of both SSR and NATO have already gathered in Olds AFB then. What happens from now on?

The reason seems to be video filming. The outline is that Osprey with NATO soldiers is supported by plural Apache attack helicopters, and lands to the shore close to the SSR base. SSR soldiers who hide around SSR HQ shoot the Osprey. However, SSR soldiers do not aim at Osprey directly on this occasion. And filming of the opening section of the video is finished. As the second stage, NATO soldiers who came back to the NATO base strike the SSR base again along the land. Then the both sides perform the actual fighting to let bullets hit it.

We who waited for a landing of the Osprey deployed around SSR HQ. I had a bad feeling at the moment. Conan of ULF logged in. He attacks anything regardless of the situation. He is the man who does not know the common sense. He has begun to attack us as expected. Chloe was shot in Conan and fell down. SSR soldiers are shot in sequence by that man.  The SSR leader gave us an order that kill Conan. I shot Conan dead.  Still Conan did not stop an attack and shot me dead. The filming was stopped.

Both leaders of SSR/NATO had to warn Conan. The filming was reopened and was finished safely afterwards.

honestly speaking, ULF is beyond Olds AFB’s control. They are not original setting,Guerrilla. Real ULF is a Japanese faction now. However, SSR and both factions of NATO are multinational force. Why is the faction only for Japanese forgiven? Therefore a plan to integrate ULF with NATO was given. In other words, it means that a leader of NATO controls reckless driving of ULF.

On the morning of Sunday, Conan appeared. Because the morning of the holiday did not want to be polluted by his ferocious attack, I disarmed myself. He wandered around SSR HQ and he check on me in SSR HQ. Because I did not react to him, he went to the NATO base. He found a one NATO soldier and killed the soldier. Because NATO ignored Conan afterwards, too,Conan teleported itself and disappeared. Because he seems to got a lot of time on his hands, he appear to Olds many times every day. A person doing only an egocentric fight is disliked from anyone.

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