China which grows arrogant 

Richard Halloran contributed an article to a Japanese newspaper.

China which grows arrogant ” Fear us, and obey us”. Old Chinese worldview revives

In 1793,Qianlong Emperor of Qing Dynasty declined a proposal of trade and the diplomatic relations establishment from the U.K. in a letter to George III. And he wrote it in the letter in this way.

“Holy our empire is full of every thing, and there are not the insufficient thing. Rare articles and slipshod pieces of work have no value. The British products are useless”.

As the emperor of Qing Dynasty which was full of the best prosperity in those days,Qianlong Emperor,furthermore, he wrote.

“British King, you should make more loyal service along my will in future. With the everlasting obedience to our empire, make peace and prosperity of the U.K. Fear us, and obey us”.

Qianlong Emperor handed such a letter with an order in conformity with courtesy of then Qing Dynasty to a British mission,Lord George Macartney.

In the transmissions by the official press agency of the People’s Republic of China,Xinhua News Agency and remarks of Chinese leaders,a view of the world of Qing Dynasty revives obviously.

By reaction of the United States to China, we can understand a feeling of unpleasant average of the United States. When it depends on the recent survey by View research center,most of Americans consider China to be a rival not a partner and an enemy. And the Americans more than two-thirds think that China is not reliable.

Xinhua News Agency declares a viewpoint of China that the American politicians should stop the unproductive interference to us.

Last year,of those days foreign minister of the People’s Republic of China,Yang Jiechi blamed, Japan “stole” Senkaku Islands in the United Nations General Assembly. And he spoke, Japan “must correct a mistake”.

China publishes a legal document about a dispute with the Philippines around Scarborough Shoal that China discovered it first and named it.

China criticizes Japan intensely. However, how was the behavior of oneself Chinese? First-term Qing Dynasty was an aggression nation. They conquered Xinjiang,and they made Tibet and Outer Mongolia Client states.

China has begun to be more than territorial dispute between India,Philippines and  Vietnam.

The President of the People’s Republic of China, Xi Jinping used the word the China dream many times. He said in a speech when he took office as the President.

“Advocate Chinese spirit for the realization of the dream of China highly by all means. It is the Chinese people spirit to assume Pptriotism a core. Soul for development of China and great power spirit are the essence of our mind.”

The word “China dream” gives off heat of the nationalism intensely. They will dream of grand revival of Chinese race…

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