Renovatio and Amtrak


Renovatio is a NATO soldier but my friend. He liked AAV and bought it. As a vehicle equal to AAV7, SSR has BTR90. I put my BTR90 next to AAV which he purchased. AAV7 is slightly bigger than BTR90.

He opens the AAV7 for me to use. Acording to the impression that I really operated AAV,i is easy to run, and turning characteristics are good, and,  the speed exceeds BTR. The main weapon of AAV7 is 50cal machine Gun and MK19 grenade launcher.


Henry logged in later. Renovatio and Henry speak Spanish. A conversation with Renovatio must be easy for Henry. On the other hand, I do not understand Spanish at all. However, Renovatio is good at English, too. I was troubled with nothing.

We rode two AAV7s separately and ran around in Olds AFB. AAV7 is really a vehicle to be able to enjoy very much.


I had to part from Renovatio,Henry in an island with cherry tree. Renovatio,thank you for happy time! 🙂

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