The United States and the U.K. near from Japan,however, Korea is far from Japan

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe who ensured the long-term government by the ruling party landslide victory by the Upper House election attracts attention from the world. It is interesting to compare the article about the Abe Administration of the Korean newspaper with the article of British and American main newspaper.

The Washington Post placed an editorial titled “the duty that Abe was assigned” to in the space on 22 dates. It is the article that demanded practice of the further reform from Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. The editorial introduces that the Abe Administration born in last December lets movement for the economic activation accelerate. The expansion of the government expenditure and the additional monetary easing by Bank of Japan received the support of the citizens. For the full-scale reform, it is important that Abe add a hand to the labor market or an agriculture system, and the correspondence to the issue of declining birthrate is indispensable. On the other hand,Theme to divide a public opinion into two (participation in TPP(Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership),re- operation of  the nuclear power plants which stopped  after  East Japan  great earthquake disaster,Constitutional amendment to accept right to collective self-defense) is a difficult problem. And the article emphasizes the for difficulty to the conservatives being going to push forward reexamination of the history recognition about an act during World War II of Japan. The editorial continues more… Prime Minister Abe sympathizes with a thought that Japan is treated unfairly by the history recognition of the WW2 victorious nation.  However, he will not spend \ politics-like resources on such a sensitive problem. The United States hopes that such a viewpoint is right. North Korea ignores the demand from the global community for the nuclear development stop. And China enhances influence in Asia-Pacific region. The Japan-U.S. relationship that is healthy in such an environment is the best measures for regional stability. To that end, economic growth of Japan and the stable relations with other neighboring countries including Korea are necessary. By as a result of  the Upper House election  victory,prime Minister Abe got the best good opportunity to carry out such an aim. And he has the ability.

The British paper Financial Times dated 23rd insisted in an editorial entitled “Prime Minister Abe and the world” that The United States and China, Russia should begin earnest negotiations for the solution of the pending problem with Japanese Prime Minister Abe who hardened the base to the long-term government by the former Upper House election. The editorial preached that The Abe Administration became the long-term government unlike short-lived recent prime ministers. It is not only Japan; it bring influence in the world. In G7 nations, Abe is a leader getting the highest support from the national. This government is more likely to attain the earliest economic growth this year and he is a leader with the negotiations value. The editorial described about China. The Chinese government cannot but negotiate with the Abe Administration who is stronger than the ex-government. It is ironical for the Chinese government. China will stop the issue of Senkaku Islands in future and comes to have to agree of the summit meeting. Relations of the major economic power of the second place and third place of the world is too important to let them freeze up. About relations with Japan and Russia,the editorial insisted that it is the most interesting diplomatic opportunity. It is a good opportunity for solution to the issue of northern territories which obstacled to the peace treaty conclusion since World War II. In Siberia of Russia, strain occurs by influence increase of China. On the other hand, the Japanese importance increases as an export destination of natural gas. Japan wants to assume Russia a power checking China. Japan and Russia “the strategic need is strong each other”. It “is a golden opportunity” to a solution to the problem that both sides have a patriotic strong leader. They are the only leaders that they can be opposed to the repulsion from each right wing by the concession of the territory.

On the other hand, each Korean newspaper cautious of Japan and check Japan. The Korean media called Prime Minister Abe “an extreme right wing politician” before government start. the leading newspaper in Korea, The Dong-A Ilbo (East Asia Daily) insisted that It is the natural consequences that Japan cannot have the right that other countries have like the Defence Force possession.




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