Hi28 Havoc (1)

I had to master the battle of an attack helicopter in a hurry. I yet for a tank battle in spite of immaturity.

AH64 attack helicopter of ULF has begun to run riot against team SSR. The power of the combat helicopter was restrictive in a former combat system,vice. The power of the strike fighter was great in Vice combat system. The combat helicopters ran around from the attack of the strike fighter then.

The power of the strike fighter was weakened in a new combat system remarkably. The power of the anticraft weapon was weakened remarkably at the same time, too. Why did only attack helicopters become powerful in a new system? The cause includes the foot soldier slaughter tactics of the ULF strike fighter in vice combat system. The ULF strike fighter aimed at an enemy foot soldier in the pinpoint and continued killing them in those days. However, it is not realistic that a super-high-speed strike fighter aims at an individual foot soldier. Many players must have had the dissatisfaction to ULF. Battle plane members of ULF were removed by the introduction of a new battle system.

The Vice system era, the attack helicopter were not enemies of the fighters. The attack helicopter ran around from a fighter. However, after the introduction of new MCE system, the attack helicopter became unrivaled. And the player who uses the attack helicopter for a foot soldier attack appears. It was ULF members again. When we fight against an enemy, we have balance same as an enemy device. However, ULF seems to find significance in winning by the predominantly advantageous weapon and number of people.

Can SSR have an attack helicopter of the performance that is equal to AH64? Yes,probably they are Mi28 Havoc and Ka50.


The attack helicopter which I have is only Mi28 now. Because ULF did only the battle that they depended on their attack helicopters, we  have to do the counterattack with our attack helicopters.

There is the attack helicopter pilot,Anastacia which is good in SSR. She shot down AH64 of ULF several times in no time in succession by her mi28.

On the other hand, I was poor to pilot a helicopter since VICE system :/ I am used to pilot fighter jet, but am weak in helicopter. MCE chopper is considerably different from VICE chopper. I must be training with the intention of the beginner.

MCE helicopter offering 3 flight modes for all levels of experience and simulation. Each flight modes is Basic Mode, Keyboard Mode and Mouselook Mode. As a result of having tried each flight modes, I was unable to pilot my Mi28 by Keyboard Mode. I will use Basic Mode for the time being. Both Basic Mode and Keyboard Mode  steer helicopter by some keys. However, the movement of the helicopter is totally different.


About Basic Mode, to pilot chopper is simple, but  the movement is slow. It has unreasonableness to fight against a senior of AH64 by this mode.


Mi28 can be equipped with four kinds of armament. Yhey are the 30 mm Shipunov 2A42 cannon,the unguided rockets ,Ataka-V Anti tank missiles and  Igla Anti Air Missiles.

The 30 mm Shipunov 2A42 cannon has an up and down swivel of 20 degrees and a left and right swivel of 110 degrees, which is steered in mouselook. To fire the Gun you simply click and hold the left mousebutton.
It fires a mix of Armor Penetration Ammunition against vehicles and High Explosive Ammunition against Infantry

Unguided rockets are really simple weapons. They fire quite fast in a straight line from the helicopters pods following its nose.

The Havoc can make use of the Ataka-V Anti tank missile. The missile is performed a lock-on of by pointing the nose of Havock to a target (a tank or a target on the ground).The Havoc  can reach out to neighboring sims with this targeting mode.

The Igla missiles work just like the ATGMs. aim at air target, hear tone, wait for good tone.

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