Difficult neighboring country,Korea


A 2013 Japanese animated historical fantasy film written and directed by Hayao Miyazaki,Kaze Tachinu was released on July 20 in 343 movie theaters in Japan. And it exceeded 1 million audiences after four days of the exhibition. But Kaze Tachinu is criticized intensely now in Korea. Why?

Koreans said that Hayao Miyazaki idealizes Zero fighter, and there is not the reflection as the war crime country. I think it to be their false charge. Hayao Miyazaki never praises an aggressive war.

One of the countries recognized as specific-Asia by  Japanese, Korea criticizes Japan every day for some reason. Many Japanese get tired of Korean criticism

The article that Dr. James E. Auer wrote to the Japanese newspaper is near the feeling of most Japanese. His article will get Japanese sympathy

Let’s make “the true talk” between Japan and Korea

I was invited by a korean senior statesman who is a strong supporter of current President of South Korea,Park Geun-hye and visited Seoul last month for three days. I met with Korean politician, government administration official, businessmen and I was invited to the Korean naval base at the Korean northwest coast.

Unfortunately the most that I encountered of Koreans looked at Japan from a negative viewpoint. Then Japan-Korea both prime ministers did an agreement that they put an end to  past problems in 1998 and  announced the joint communique. I asked Koreans why it was that their opinion changed clearly. They insisted that their postures did not change from 98. They sais that current their manners are result of the insensitivity for the historical issue of Japanese.

I said to them that None of present Japan, Korea or the American leaders answers in the affirmative custom of prostitution performed until the war end of 45 years in China.About  Japanese military prostitution,It was not the plan that Japan did to only Koreans. About the true pain that a woman of all sacrificed nationality suffered by this wartime business,there is no doubt that Japan repents heartily. The prostitution was legal in then Japan. At the time of occupation by the United States of Japan,the prostitution service was provided to the United States Armed Forces. It is not a right fact to have got up and is the fact indicating a then model having been greatly different from the current thing.

About Japanese Government officials worshiping at Yasukuni shrine,they do not  worship to praise a Class-A war criminal. And they do not praise an aggressive war. It is contradiction that the country like China which even the trifling domestic criticism from the foreign country detests criticizes the Express respect to Japanese soldiers that Japanese leaders were killed in action. Many foreign leaders including Japan and Korea, and U.S. President visit Arlington National Cemetery. There are people who fought for the southern part in support of Egyptian bondage during the Civil War in the soldier buried there. The Egyptian bondage is not accepted at advanced world most today,however, there is none of the people demanding that graybacks must remove it from the graveyard.

The problem that was the most difficult when I talked with Koreans was Liancourt Rocks dispute. I said to them that the legal grounds reason which is advantageous to Japan,the opinion about Liancourt Rocks of Japan does not seem to change.I think that it never occurs that I dispatch the Self-Defense Forces that Japan expels a Korean soldier from Liancourt Rocks. I asked hem why does Korea not stop worrying about this problem? The only answer that came back from them was “Korean thinks that the Japanese should agree that Liancourt Rocks certainly belongs to Korea.” There was only one group where there was not anything that I heard it for dissatisfaction to Japan. When I visited the Korean naval base,Korean naval officers talked about need to cooperate with Japanese Marine Self Defense Force and US Navy for unpredictable behavior of North Korea by danger practically.

What is necessary for posture improvement of Korea? One of my students who works in Seoul more than 20 years since he graduated from Vanderbilt Universitytold that the Japanese would have to stand it until a Korean overcame an inferiority complex. Unfortunately it may prove right…

Japanese never says this,The fact that Japan defeated Qing Dynasty in fight in 1895 and the fact that Japan defeated Russian Empire in fight in 1905 are depend on the same reason. I think that it deserves consideration. Japan was not anti-Korea but Japan was afraid that Korea was ruled by Russia or Qing Dynasty. Korea may become the Chinese colony now if Qing Dynasty won to the first war or Korea may become the Russian colony if Russia wins the next war. The victory of Japan led end-all, Korea to today’s position called the democratic country of the free-market economy.

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