Minimi light machine gun


A Belgian 5.56mm light machine gun,Minimi was released by SAC. Minimi is deployed in each infantry squad in the Japanese Ground Self-Defense Forces and United States Armed Forces and is called Squad Automatic Weapon, SAW. It was adopted than 30 countries. Swedish Army adopts minimi as Ksp90, too.

Minimi has many variations. And Minimi by SAC is Mk46 Mod 1.It is a model adopted by United States Special Operations COMmand : USSOCOM.


Mk46 by SAC  is fed from enclosed in a polymer ammunition box with a 200-round capacity attached to the base of the receiver. The gunner can use two boxes by one supply.

Basic modi operandi of squad support firearms is  that stop the action of enemy foot soldiers by a barrage(Fire support). By under covering fire,the squad support firearms control the attack action of the enemy and secure the flexibility of the attack of the friend.


In fact, ULF members(Japanese troop) purchased this Minimi and attacked me with several people. The method that all ULF carries minimi and attack me with one assault rifle is not fair. I’ll take them seriously.

When there was not an unfair member of ULF, I defeated one ULF member twice by minimi. It is the first military gains by my Minimi 🙂

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