Should we do the room temperature than 28 degrees centigrade?

“Is the room where temperature was set in 28 degrees centigrade  not hot? If outside temperature exceeds 25 degrees Celsius, it is hot, and I hate it. There is nothing necessary for electric fan and air-conditioner in my house. Temperature in my present room is 20 degrees centigrade”

A woman resident in Hokkaido wrote it to a bbs.

Different woman who lived in Hokkaido agreed with her.

“I’m a resident in Hokkaido, too, and I had a question same as her, too. Room temperature 25 degrees or more are hot. I use the electric fan then.”

Because I was brought up in Hokkaido, I agree to their opinion. However, many Japanese objected to the opinion.

“28 degrees centigrade is hot. We set it to the temperature for energy saving. However, we feel it coolly because outside temperature exceeds 35 degrees if we enter the room.”

“27 degrees Celsius or less are too cold if we keep still in a room.”

Is 27 degrees centigrade cold? I was at a loss for words…

Are they the creatures which are different from me?


In Japan,the setting standard temperature of the air conditioner is considered to be 29 degrees. The setting standard temperature is not duty. Because japanese all think alike. There are many companies setting the temperature of the workshop to 28 degrees.

According to the investigation into about the influence on office environment room temperature by Architectural Institute of Japan,whenever room temperature goes up by 1 degree from 25 degrees, 2% of efficiency of the work decreases. Scholars assert that the setting of 28 degrees is too high. Besides, 28 degrees is the temperature that danger of the heat stroke is accompanied by.

Why is such a ridiculous room temperature setting not corrected?

The rigid Japanese thought seems to dislike a change here. sigh…

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2 Responses to Should we do the room temperature than 28 degrees centigrade?

  1. Mera says:

    Hi! Its not possible to read my blog anymore. I closed it, at least for a while. I have had problems with a strange individual in SL, that´s why xxxx hugsss

  2. ujiyasu says:

    It’s regrettable…
    When you reopened your blog or when you opened the new blog, please tell me 🙂

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