T-72 is a Soviet second-generation main battle tank. They are T-72 of SSR and Israeli Mercava in Olds AFB. T-72 is a tank of an old generation, but is useful.

In both the Gulf War and the Iraq War, the Iraqi tank units that was equipped with T-72 were heavily defeated. Therefore, the product value as the weapon of T-72 declined at a stretch. However, T-72 shows unique performance against NATO tank in MCE battle.

T-72 is the only tank which can fire anti tank missile. The missile covers adjacent SIM. T-72 can fire a missile to enemy tank without exposing a figure to an enemy. The missile senses an enemy in the middle of a flight and faces the enemy.


The destructive power of the missile is strong, and the armored car is destroyed by one hit. When the enemy tank is hit by a missile of T-72, he approach T-72 to overthrow T-72 hastily. T-72 changes ammunition from a missile to Armor-piercing shot and shell and meets enemy.


On the other hand, I must pay attention to armor of T-72 being weaker than NATO latest tank. And anti tank missile of M2 Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicle destroys T-72 by one hit, too.

My tank battle ability is unripe. The missile of T-72 helps me then.

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