Team SSR continues winning



We won a great victory today,too. We took a ceremonial photograph after a battle. There is not such an example in NATO. It is said that our team.SSR is homey.

Our team is multinational force. As for it, NATO is the same, too. And ULF consists of the Japanese. There is the soldier except the Japanese exceptionally in ULF, too. But Japanese soldiers do not have interchange with them.

We win most in three factions. We have excellent leaders. And we can improve our battle ability with them. We thereby feel anyone to win a battle and can continue a play happily.


Most of the battles fought by MCE are gun battle now. As for the battle by VICE, a plane for battles was too powerful. Therefore the warplane in MCE is not strong. It may be only behind with a change to MCE of warplane in fact.

And a gun bringing a brisk result in my gun battle is SAC-SR16. SAC is the firearms maker which coped to MCE more earlier.


And new members joined SSR today 🙂

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