SSR fits MCE most

I was used to the battle by MCE system. And I knew why MCE was developed in place of VICE. The biggest purpose is restraint of an unjust battle.

In the case of VICE, player was required to make a sortie after having armed itself at an appointed place. However, the player was able to really arm himself/herself anywhere. In the case of MCE, the sortie from the place appointed closely is assigned.

And MCE has a limit to carrying ammunition. In the case of VICE, all weapons were able to fire a bullet endlessly. As for the MCE weapon, the number of bullets which can shoot is decided. And the player must come back to the base for supply when a bullet disappeared. The player must fight while always paying attention to the number of bullets. The player comes to fight more carefully.

We fought by demo weapon made for MCE until now. There was not the weapon which was advantageous to the specific faction one-sidedly. It promoted leaving of the player who depended on such a weapon.

The ULF faction did not have the unlimited attack with a large number of rocket launchers. And the foot soldier attack with the jet which they were the best at was not possible. Therefore the activity of the ULF/Japanese troop decreased sharply.

Furthermore, the member of NATO which depended on A-10 and LAV disappeared. As for them, it was blamed unfair behavior of their own before it and was banned in fact.


We fought against NATO and got overwhelming victory yesterday. The ability of the whole SSR exceeds NATO. NATO is a large power, but each one attacks us separately. They do not have the unity and there are not able noncommissioned officers / officers. Their leader does not appear at all.


Many able members joined SSR. They are brave and are strong and follow a rule definitely. The existence of able members is the most important assets of SSR.

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