Introduction of next battle system of conventional vice combat system is tried recently in Olds AFB. It is combat system called MCE. I visited there recently because the beta test site was shown.

We can get general knowledge of MCE at there.


The indication indicating MCE being an abbreviated designation of the Modern Combat environment is written on the first panel. And HUD reaches us when this clicks this in HUD giver.



This panel is link to the MCE official site.












I try M4A1 V0.8MCE_BETA. First,I wore HUD. And I chose position team,SSR.

I teleported myself to SSRHQ automatically and waited for ten seconds. My armament was enabled.

I wore a gun while reading a manual of M4A1 carefully. The following descriptions were done in a manual.

“Then enter the command “draw” into chat to draw the gun. Alternativly you can use the HUD to do that or click on the slung model itself (pro tip: the slung model for the front got a prim on your back, no need to cam around)”

However, the gun did not recognize my chat command,”draw”. Therefore I clicked my back and used the displayed draw button of HUD. Besides, I had to click a button several times. MCE seems to still have certain uncertainty.

I think those malfunction to be caused by lag of sim. However, I do not yet master MCE. I will learn through a battle with my group and enemies of Olds about MCE.

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2 Responses to MCE

  1. Mera says:

    u are a hardcore player :))) have you ever tried Entropia? Im sure u would like it 🙂

  2. ujiyasu says:

    Ahh,Entropia Universe which was born in Sweden 😀
    Mera,you may think unexpectedly, but netgame is new to me.
    The graphic of Entropia is beautiful.
    Sweden produces a great game!!

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