New bulletin board in Olds AFB



The bulletin boards of Olds AFB was replaced with it corresponding to a new combat system. 3 factions are opposed here. They are NATO,SSR and ULF. “A story” was shown this time as a background of the opposition of the factions.


Olds AFB is located on an island somewhere in the Mediterranean Sea. Built as a deterrent and defensive measure against potential Soviet buildup, the base’s construction started shortly after the Korean War. It was named ‘Olds AFB’ in honor of Robin Olds, a WW2 (and later Vietnam War) ace pilot.

The base was built in support of Exercise Reforger, an annual military exercise which was conducted to ensure that NATO could respond effectively to any Soviet/Warsaw Pact invasion of West Germany. As time passed and wars were fought elsewhere, Olds AFB fell into disuse, the resources intended for its upkeep being diverted to other flash points across the globe, such as Vietnam and Cuba. Olds continued to be operated by a small maintainence squadron.

The Warsaw Pact took advantage of the weakened European military defense, and formed an alliance with the Arab League in secret. They waited…and shortly after the Vietnam War ended, they launched an invasion into Europe. NATO, having realized this, hastily reactivated Olds, and deployed a force there, made up of combatants from various nations. Realizing that they cannot hold back the WP/Arab League alliance on their own, NATO sought a partner in a newly formed body, ASEAN (Association of South-East-Asian Nations) and ASEAN allies.

The WP/Arab League alliance realizing that it cannot simply let Olds AFB alone. It’s location is important, and whoever controls it, would control a means to strike at Europe or Soviet territory. Soviet forces have established a base on the shore at Olds, and troops continue to arrive on a daily basis.

NATO is being lead by Lt. General Micheal Dover who was elected to command all NATO forces to put down the soviet threat. General Dover is a man who prides him self of getting the job done right and utilizing team work with all branches of the many countries in this massive under taking. One he arrived at the base, it was a sight to see.  Hundreds of innocent people needing food, water, and medical care.  The base was overwhelmed and short on supplies. It didn’t take long for General Dover to get the ball rolling in doing what he can to help these people that needed help. Countless villages and towns where left in taters as Soviet military battles for control of the land, air and sea that surrounds the Undine island chain.  Fierce dog fights in the sky’s while massive land battle rage on the grounds of this once peaceful island. General Dover made a vow to the NATO high command council, “No matter what the costs of man be, I will see to it that the people of the Undine Islands live in peace without the threat of soviet suppression.” With that being said, General Dover became the key figure in the war to save Undine from the dreaded SSR invasion force. While essentially a good man General Dover is willing to make controvertial decisions to ensure victory and peace in Undine.

The SSR invasion force that was tasked by the Soviet Premier was under the command of Admiral Rendy Miles.  He mission is to liberate the Undine Island chain from the grasps of the NATO dogs and claim it for mother Russia.  With Hundreads of thousands of troops ready at his command and the new Arab league as a supporting faction to there cause, Admiral Mills launched an all out push to take control of Undine with whatever it takes. A compassionate man, the Admiral trueley believes in his cause. His desire to expand the Soviet way of life makes him considerably dangerous.

Some of the people of Undine wanted to escape from the nightmare that is unfolding. Confused as to which side is in the right, a lone sheep herder named Deci started to gain support of the Undine people by inciting rebellion. “We will not be bullied by the Soviet mosters. We will not be oppressed by the armies of NATO. All we want is our land back the way we had it long before any military country came here. All we want is a free Undine!”  The Undine Liberation front ( U.L.F. ) rose from the ashes of there ruined villages.  There goal was to take back there Island by any means they saw fit.

The Undine war has raged on for a couple years with many lives lost. Sooner or later, the storm that is over Undine island chain will be at its full force.

The only question left is who will survive this storm of Ideals.

SSR where I belong to is considered to be a villain as a symbol of the suppression of the freedom. However, real SSR faction is a family-like free atmosphere. And NATO is missing for the leadership. ULF is a substantial Japanese military unit. Japanese is a substantial official language there. As for them, the interchange between factions is the dullest. They devote themselves to a fight and afterwards leave. It is totally like the battle robot.

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