Dirty enemy


Representative scoundreldom of NATO comes close to me and aims at me. I don’t want to have anything to do with them. However, they aim at me. There is the person who is mean in any world, but their existence here spoils pleasure in Olds. They who aim at me with two people. It takes a thief to know a thief. The ancient people made an appropriate proverb.

They turn off vice combat system at the time of disadvantageous battle. They blame the person who hit them just after that. However, in the first place vice off is unfair behavior during a battle. They are going to kill us by A-10 of Nexgen immediately. It is overpowerd plane in Olds. And one of them kills our foot soldiers by his self-propelled gun. When we are going to counterattack it, he is vice off immediately.

Other NATO soldiers going along with them surround us and threaten us. There was possibility of the one-sided slaughter in it. However, our team surpasses NATO in ability. Yvette defeated enemies of the front by the  close combat. Yvwtte made a breakthrough,and we charged, and let the enemy retreat.

NATO does not have self-purification capacity. This is because there is not yet an appropriate leader in NATO. Therefore, two cowards deepen conceit still more. They do not excel in a fight. they only behave slyly.

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