Candidate United States Ambassador to Japan

CNN TV reported that the next ambassador assumption of office of eldest daughter Caroline Kennedy  of late President Kennedy to Japan was likely to be 1st. CNN commented on appointment of well- known Kennedy that Outcome of President Obama making much of Japan. Present  United States Ambassador to Japan is John Victor Roos. It was said that he retired from the ambassador by the end of this year.

President Obama has already approved the ambassador assumption of office of Kennedy to Japan, but it is reportedly said that a procedure of the examination that she turned to the official nomination does not complete it. She is a Japanophile as she chose Japan to the destination of the honeymoon. She said, “of course I like Japan” on 2nd. On the other hand, she avoided confirmation.

It will contribute to doing the Japan-U.S. relationship closely more than now that she takes office as the ambassador. Unfortunately the Japanese ex-government seemed to collapse Japan-U.S. alliance. And Japanese citizens refused a leftist government by general election. Japan is a democratic nation. There continues being always Japan with the United States of America. The United States of America is the ally which is the most important to Japan.

Japan will welcome her warmly if she takes office as the new ambassador.


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