Enjoy the battle


When I’d tp to Olds AFB,Yvette  was fighting against a NATO Gepard. Because Yvette was a foot soldier,  she was predominantly disadvantageous. I carried FGM-148 Javelin and approached the Gepard. After several minutes, I overthrew Gepard.

Olds became quiet afterwards. ULF had one, but does not attack us if they are not a great number of people.

The login of ULF members increased. And they turned for an offensive. We counterattacked it, too. The ability for battle of Enzo and Yvette was superior to ULF.

And a certain ULF member expressed an objection for this battle. I translated story, it into English in Japanese between ULF. It is lack of the communication after all.

The Japanese fights silently. However, it is not good.

Praise a prominent enemy,the enemy will praise you then, too. We do not finally have any problem.

Let’s enjoy the battle 🙂

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