Fair soldier



There are very few members with a fair fight as the NATO faction. Most of them send tanks to our foot soldiers. Star of NATO is a very fair soldier. However, I am not able even to enjoy a fight with her recently. I am beaten by the bombardment from the distant place before fighting for her, and it is bombed by a fighter, and it is shot on a tank, and this is because it cannot survive. I do not use the tank against enemy foot soldier. This is because the gun of the foot soldier is ineffective against a tank. I do not like one-sided fights. It is only simple slaughter.

She talked to other NATO members for a fair fight with me. However, I stopped a fight because there was the regular customer of a fight unfair this time in NATO. Even if Star does a fair fight, other NATO is not more likely to be fair.

I wish splendid soldiers such as Star increase in NATO 🙂

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