Adiina,as my impression, she appeared to Olds suddenly. Besides, she excels in ground combat. I was always defeated by her. She is a skillful master of the challenger tank. And she fights fairly.

I was defeated by her tank many times. She fought against us with only her gun today. I and Vita fought against her on equal terms. She approached me and, after a fight, talked.

She was a German same as Vita. Because the battle here is a game, there is not it unusually itself. I fight with many Japanese as an enemy here, too.


NATO is the greatest faction, but there are many members who do not follow a rule. Because a leader of NATO is absent. In the SSR faction, a leader measures our action strictly. We keep a fair fight in mind naturally. I talked about the present condition of Olds for a while with adiina. She understands a fair fight. It is useful for NATO that people like her become a leader of NATO.

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