The result of the bad way of winning


A NATO soldier fought against a ULF corps today. ULF continued killing the soldier by the majority by a powerful weapon than the soldier as ever. Will it be really the game that aspect each other can enjoy? No, I do not think so. The NATO soldier who continued being murdered one-sidedly had aversion and stopped a game. It is only simple slaughter.

He should have felt hatred and the humiliation that I usually felt again. They attack an individual in a group. They always crowd. It is an expression of a Japanese bad habit. All Japanese is not necessarily so.

There is a person commenting that I quitted that I behave as a Japanese. It does not know whether Japanese people of ULF said. However, there are Japanese people in other teams in Olds. For example, the Japanese of our team,Kitto fights with me against ULF. Or a certain Japanese weapon creator has an opinion same as me for fight of ULF. The people who are going to enjoy a game with them will decrease as far as ULF continues such a fight.

They are intoxicated by unfair victory at one time. However, the enemy will not come before them sometime soon. Who wants to fight against a worthless enemy?

It’s game. We can evade the fight with the hateful enemy. The wolf pack disliked by enemy only starves. And they will not have military gains. It is the natural consequences.

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